TWO SNAILS (plus a dog and a dragon)

Not good but not bad either

The garage has called to say that Brunhilde did fail her MOT. It is not bad news however - she only failed on two minor brake points, both of which can be fixed without spare parts needed.

Looks like the Hoy trip is on.

Now I need to figure out some menus and a shopping list with the knowledge that the fridge will not be cooled. We need to buy a 3-way refrigerator as soon as we can.

Ferry bookings were made this morning in anticipation of a good result. I have made an appointment to get my camping crop done on my hair - I like to go drip dry...

Camera batteries need charging and lenses require cleaning. Will need to pack a few clothes, then we are all set to go.

Categories: Notes and Plans

Tags: mot

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